Whether its weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even occasionally, we are happy to cater for your needs.  Concrete, stone, linoleum, Veitchi, Terrazzo or carpeted, we can clean! We offer a range of tailored services. 

  • Simple Brush/Mop or Vacuum
  • Banisters Sanitized
  • Brass fittings polished
  • Windows cleaned were accessible
  • Bulbs replaced where safe to do so.


window cleaning

Entrance glass is generally included in the cost of regular stair cleaning.  Internal glass and external windows can be cleaned by your regular stair cleaner for an additional charge at a regularity of your choice.  Please discuss when asking for a quotation.   

If you are just looking for a window cleaning service, our trusted affiliate can more than cater for your needs, including Reach and Wash, high level cleaning.   All Licensed and Insured.  

pressure washing

Enhance the entrance to your property by pressure washing the path, steps or bin areas.  Petrol Driven high powered pressure washing easily removes years of moss, dirt and grime.  For small areas, we carry a water tank, for larger areas, a water source will be required.  

office cleaning

We offer a comprehensive office cleaning service.  From a general tidy, vacuum and sanitize to a more thorough clean of wash rooms and kitchen areas.   Often our clients prefer out of hours cleaning so as not to interrupt the working day, however we are happy to tailor to your needs and requirements.  

additional services

Bulb Replacement
barrier mat
Barrier Mat Supplies
Gutter Cleaning with SkyVac Technology
Conservatory and Soffit Cleaning
Sign Cleaning
tree fell
Tree Felling
Domestic Cleaning
Home Support Services

We are equipped to take on a variety of tasks, as we directly offer bulb replacement, can supply barrier mats at competitive prices, home cleaning and home support such as shopping amongst other general tasks.  We are fully vetted and can provide references to ensure both you and we feel safe in assisting where needed.  

Some of the more specialist services, such as SkyVac Gutter cleaning, High Level Soffit cleaning, some Sign cleaning and Tree Felling are cared for by our trusted partners, who match our values.  


If its not answered here – please feel free to contact us. 

There are many options for those who are not cared for by a Management company.  One person can collect payment from all residents and be invoiced directly. Alternatively each resident can take it in turn to pay the monthly invoice, or as often the case each resident pays their share for the upcoming 6 months.  For a tailored arrangement to suit your needs, contact us. 

Invoices are sent out monthly, usually around the 28th of each month.  Payment is required within 14 days. 

We use a variety of products that have proven to be efficient and safe to use in public areas, generally products that you would use at home.  For specialised cleaning where more powerful products are required, all safety advice is adhered to, PPE is used and the area thoroughly washed or neutralised before our cleaner leaves. 

Whilst not common, this can be an issue from time to time.  Usually each tenant takes it in turn to leave out an extension cable, perhaps sticking out of their letterbox, for our cleaner to connect a vacuum cleaner to.  Don’t worry we carry long extensions that generally cover 30-40 meters to enable cleaning throughout the building. 

Whilst some tenants will leave out a pale of water for the cleaner, it’s not necessary as we carry more than enough water to clean our scheduled stairs for the day.  We also use cold water cleaning products that are effective and reduce causes of irritation that can be a problem with hot water chemicals as they evaporate into the air with the water vapour. 

It is preferred that a key to your stair is provided to enable the cleaner easy access without the need to disturb residents. Our cleaning schedule begins at 6.30am and we wouldn’t want to wake you up at that time to get in.  The keys are kept secure and not identifiable if they became misplaced.  They are returned in the event that our services are no longer required. If a key is not provided, then hopefully a service button is available or a resident nominated to allow access.