t's & C's

Our Terms and Conditions


  1.   Stairways will endeavour to clean all specified areas as reasonably able to do so. No large pieces of furniture, rubbish, bicycles etc will be moved to enable access.  It is the owners/tenants responsibility to ensure easy access to all areas.
  2.   Keys should be provided to enable, easy access to the property (If required for access.) These will be held solely by the company and not passed to any other body.  These will be returned in the event that the contract ceases.
  3.   In the event that the cleaner is unable to clean the stair, due to perhaps redecoration or removal company etc are on the premises, and whilst the company will endeavour to accommodate the circumstances and therefore try to clean on an alternative day, no loss shall be incurred to the company in the event of a non clean of that week.
  4.   In the event that due to holidays/sickness etc that the company is unable to clean the premises or organise for it to be cleaned one week, then credit will be given and notified on the monthly bill.
  5.   The company agrees to the general cleaning of the common stair, however reserve the right to refuse the cleaning of excrement, and bodily fluids, whether sickness or blood.   In these circumstances, the company will contact the customer and request that it is removed by a tenant/owner before the next clean, or for an additional charge will organise for a special clean.
  6.  Any problems with the cleaning of the stair should be directed to the company by the nominated co-ordinator, generally the individual who is named on the invoice.


  1.  All work shall be invoiced at the end of each month.(Unless other arrangements are agreed)   Payment is due within 14 days of the receipt of the invoice.
  2. Discrepancies/Queries regarding Invoices should be highlighted immediately upon receipt of an Invoice.
  3. The cleaning service to the property will cease in the event of Non-Payment.   When rectified, a charge will still be made for weeks not cleaned due to Non-Payment.  If any problems regarding payment are foreseen, immediate communication with the company should be made.
  4. Ten days notice must be given in writing of any change to the Invoice Address.
  5. You may cancel the service at any time, however written notification  must be given.  Cancellation takes effect  from receipt of letter unless otherwise indicated.  A final invoice will be sent and must be paid immediately.
  6. An administration charge of £25 will be levied against any account that has to be chased for non payment after 60 days.
  7. Upon accepting a quote, you agree to these terms and conditions.